Secret Toon Fucking in the Woods

March 30th, 2010

Hentai Mania Porn

This naughty brunette beauty was out in the woods late last night. She had gone out to meet up with her secret lover. She wasn’t supposed to be seeing him let alone fucking him, no one approved of them being together because they said that she was too young for him and that he was already engaged to another woman but this kinky kitten just couldn’t help herself. The two of them had arranged to meet last night in the woods behind her house and while his fiance slept this horny boy snuck out of the house to meet his new fuck toy.

As this brunette girl sat and waited for him she noticed the fireflies all around and as she started to watch them she didn’t hear her boyfriend sneaking up behind her. She didn’t even know he was there until he cleared his throat and she turned around coming face to face with his already beefy penis, he had already whipped it out and she just couldn’t resist. Slipping the dong of his head between her lips she started to run her tongue around his cock but he couldn’t stand the teasing and throwing her down he drilled his cock in to her slit.

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